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PT. Tritama Banyu Naturalindo (TBN) 

PT. Tritama Banyu Naturalindo or known as TBN was established in Bitung, North Sulawesi, right in the most strategic location of eastern Indonesian waters which are very rich in fishery resources. North Sulawesi Province is not only rich in fishery resources, but also has a wealth of other natural resources such as mining and agricultural commodities.

Bitung City itself has been designated by the Government of Indonesia as a Special Economic Zone which has supporting facilities for direct export trade. North Sulawesi Province has a deep sea port that is large enough to dock container ships and also has an international standard airport that has direct flights abroad.

The potential of fishery and agricultural resources is very large and is supported by complete infrastructure, which is the capital for TBN to develop its business in Bitung, North Sulawesi. Support from the Indonesian government to increase economic growth in the eastern region, especially for export purposes, is very meaningful to make it easier to run a business.

TBN focuses more on the fisheries sector which is divided into:

Shipping Unit

The tuna fleet consists of small tuna fishing boats (pakura), fishing vessels and light boats. Catching tuna uses the hand line method. Catching using hand line fishing method is the best way to maintain the quality of fresh fish.

Fish Processing Unit

Our Fish Processing Unit (UPI) has a Processing Feasibility Certificate (SKP) in accordance with the regulations of the Marine and Fisheries Service. This SKP is a basic requirement that must be met before applying for a HACCP certificate for a company that will export its products.

Freshwater Fish Cultivation Unit

Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is an important commodity in aquaculture which is very popular in the community. Some of the advantages possessed by tilapia include: relatively high resistance to water quality and disease, wide tolerance to environmental conditions, an efficient ability to form high quality protein from organic matter, domestic and agricultural waste, has a good growing ability, and easy to grow in various cultivation containers that are managed traditionally or in intensive cultivation systems.


To produce superior high-quality products not only from the best raw materials, but also requires cool hands who are very experienced in the production process. TBN is owned and operated by professionals with more than 20 years of experience, both in operating tuna fishing vessels and operating fish processing units to package them for export to foreign countries.

Our fish processing unit workers have also undergone a series of training and certification tests in quality management of fishery product processing. TBN will continue to improve the skills of fish processing workers so that they can produce products that are hygienic, healthy and safe for consumption.